raymond Epps

Engineer & Architect


Orange County, CA




Thoughts & objective

who Growing up in a work shop in the mountains is a real thing, I lived it. When I wanted to play basketball but didn't have a hoop I fashioned one out of scrap lumber and metal. Years later I still enjoy the same hands on problem solving and creative thinking. These days I use code as the medium. Away from the computer, I train BJJ and Hawain Kempo.

what Javascript is my preferred tool but I've done a lot with Python and Swift as well. On the backend, I've built monolith, microservice, and serverless APIs in AWS and GCP. React is unbeatable on the front end with tools like Recoil and hooks. I've brought to life data-driven dashboards, e-commerce sites, and interactive landing pages.

when Actively looking & interviewing.

whyI love what I do - designing, building, and bringing to life. I'm most passionate about open source and startups.

where I'm not looking for any job but a place I can make an impact. There are plenty of jobs in tech; I'm looking for a great product or platform I can take ownership of; working near people I can learn from and others I can mentor and invest in for years.


Skills & technology


React, Express, Next, Fast API, Flask, Angular, Vapor, Serverless



JavaScript, Python, Swift, Node, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, Bash



DynamoDB, Firestore, Postgres, Redis, SQLAlchemy, Sequelize, SQL Server


Developer Operations

Jenkins, Docker, Github Workflow & Actions, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild



Terraform, CRA, Yarn, NPM, PIP, Webpack, Makefile, Gulp, Swift Package Manager



AWS - ECS, Lambda, RDS, S3, Cognito, CloudFront. Google - Cloud Run, Cloud Functions.


Places I've impacted
1 Year & counting...


Course Mentor


Mentoring at Springboard consists of weekly and adhoc calls where students and I work on Express, Flask, and React projects and talk about the real life of a software engineer. Springboard focuses on the raw skills of the job. I spend most of my time with students teaching design and analysis on top of those skills. We work on understanding cost/performance tradeoffs, architecture design patterns, and good vs. bad project design.

4 Years & counting...


Software Engineer

Santa Ana, CA

As a Techincal Lead at Verys ― a B2B agency ― the tasks and challenges are always new as teams, projects, and clients change. Although I've tackled a variety of problem ranging the technical spectrum my focus at Verys has been on Node and Flask APIs powering React UIs. Most recenlty the problem at hand has been a globally scalable, dynamic, and redundant document generation platform for one of the worlds largest mortgage and lending companies.

1 year


Software Engineer


Working with x-team has given me the opurtunity to work with unbelivable partnering companies; taking ownership of their products and driving quality. For one health and fitness streaming startup I was able to improve the start up time of their video player by 65% and decrease its package size by 50%. I also lead an initive to convert a data heavy lambda api into a smarter concurrent system that performed much faster ‐ improving load times for clients globally.

1 Year



Camarillo, CA

Aumnia delivers custom CMS and CRM applications for high end realty companies using a multi tenant .Net Core architecture. Being a designer and developer at Aumnia aloud me to work closely with the clients to bring their dreams into life both on paper and then in code. I was responsible for creating custom javascript UI modules that could be reused between custom client sites.

2 Years

Maple Stack

Front End Developer

Ventura, CA

Maple Stack was a small design and dev shop working in the Southern California area. As one of the core engineers I was responsible for creating modular reusable javascript and css UI components that could be utalized between client sites.

Personal Endeavours

Always inspired to build more
2019 ‐ Open Source


Creator & Engineer

Orange County, CA

There are a lot of tools out there that will generate swagger docs for an api. All that I have found are intrusive and opinionated. I built oapispec as a trully functional and deterministic library that allows python api developers to document their code with decorators and generate a swagger spec based on those.

2019 – Open Source


Creator & Engineer

Orange County, CA

Dynamof is a little open source project of mine. I was rewriting the same boiler plate code on so many projects to do simple database interactions with dynamo and boto3 I decided to write a small library and provide it for others.

2018 ‐ In progress


Creator & Architect

Orange County, CA

Often working as a devops engineer creating and managing infrastructure on AWS you need to manage huge markup files that describe your infrastructure. Cloey is a MacOS app that reads those terraform and cloud formation files and provides a user friendly interface that allows engineers to quickly and easily make changes to their infrastructure.

2017 ‐ Open Source

Swifty Nats

Creator & Engineer

Orange County, CA

There is a not so popular pub/sub server called Nats that I needed to use once with a backend service in Swift. Nats has a custom protocol that didn't have a good Swift implementation yet so I made one.

A Few Clients

I've done work for